Micki Hall | About
I am a Professional Family and Couples Photographer in the Ft. Knox, Louisville, Elizabethtown, and surrounding areas. I am very relaxed and I really want you to enjoy your photo session. I want your pictures to be moments not just images.

I learned to shoot at the age of 13 on a vintage Yashica 120mm reflex camera, it is an incredible camera. The detail on it is untouched by anything I have ever used. It feels as if you are taken to another place when you look down through the lens, as if you’re seeing everything for the first time. The camera belonged to my uncle John, who died long before I was born. He was killed in Vietnam where he served as a combat photographer. I knew so little about him but each time I held the camera, I felt as if he were guiding me, teaching me how to shoot. My father finally gave me the camera when I was 20 and I can tell you I never let it out of my site. Through every move to a new house and country, I tuck it safe inside my carry on, making sure it stays by my side. It’s not the camera, but what it represents to me, to my family. It’s the same way I look at photography. I love it more than anything, I hold it close to my heart and look at everything as if it were the first time. I find inspiration everywhere I look. I can’t drive by a small entrance or a curvy road and not picture a shoot. I enjoy documenting what people are doing, who they really are, and how they interact with one another. I want to take pictures of who you are, not just a person. I love being around people, seeing new faces and making people comfortable so that what I see through the lens becomes a photo that they cherish. Thanks to my Uncle John, I have been given more than just a camera. My talent is a very special gift and I cherish it.